Email Marketing: How to charge more for Hypnotherapy?

How To Charge More for Hypnotherapy?

High Ticket Hypnotherapy: Is it a Myth or a Reality? 🤔

I’m happy to break it down for you.

Let me ask you this:

  • Would you hand over 3k to a stranger?
  • What about 300 bucks? No?
  • Perhaps 30 bucks feels less risky, right?

The thing is, no one trusts a passerby with their purse, let alone their subconscious.

And it’s getting worse, thanks to information overload—recently intensified by AI—spam, and scam.

I know it’s tempting to slap a high number on your services, but that alone isn’t the answer.

And here is why:

Under what circumstances would you give 1K to a stranger without hesitation?

Well, the reality is, you wouldn’t!

It has to be someone you feel a connection with, someone familiar, or who has demonstrated their expertise without a doubt.

I wonder…

  • Are you your confident and authentic self when producing content?
  • Do you feel like you’re sharing something interesting or thought-provoking?
  • Are you the type of person one would love to sit down and have coffee with?
  • Are you generous and helpful without asking for anything in return?
  • Can you help your clients save time, pain, or trouble long-term?
  • Do you practice what you preach?

I know you are probably awesome in person but does it come across online?

You can’t expect anyone to think that of you without giving them a reason to do so.

How do you become this online persona?

  • Is it achieved through a single click on your website?
  • Or by scrolling through a couple of your Instagram posts, while waiting for the tram?

Unlikely to happen.

It takes time to morph from a ‘stranger’ to a ‘trusted hypnotherapist.’

Success is all about patience, or the lack thereof.

I work with clients who have significantly grown their number of subscribers, going from zero to over a thousand individuals. However, some still struggle to understand the value of building and engaging with an email list. Because we live in a culture that promotes instant results, the reality is that achieving those will become increasingly difficult in the future. Converting prospects into paying clients will take more time.

If you’re sceptical, have a look at what big-name celebrities and their teams are up to. Take online coaches like Jay Shetty, Dean Graziosi, or Tony Robbins, for example. Sign up for their mailing lists, and you’ll start receiving loads of content. They gradually introduce you to services, starting as low as $1, moving up to $9.99, and eventually reaching $4K packages. Even though they’re famous, they give you time to warm up to their offerings. Wondering why? Let’s find out 😉

⛔️ Before any misunderstandings arise, let me clarify one thing upfront ⛔️

I’m not a fan of price dumping!

You don’t need to lower your prices or dismiss high-ticket items. That’s not my point. What I’m saying is that selling at higher prices is not a matter of IF but WHEN. 

So your first step to establishing better pricing is to become that trustworthy person everyone wants to hang out with!

To build TRUST, you need to build a relationship first.

Reflect on your previous clients. After a session with you, wasn’t it easier to sell them more?

Those referred by others often commit without hesitation. Why? Because it’s about trust – they trust their friend, and that trust extends to you. This is also why influencers are still in business – it’s the same concept.

So what’s the problem?

Pining for immediate trust online is like waiting for a cake to bake without turning on the oven.

You need to take the necessary steps:

  1. Turn on the oven = get your prospect’s email leads
  2. Heat up the oven = send helpful authentic content over time
  3. Serve slices of your cake = introduce and sell your services

And the bigger the cake (= the higher the price), the longer you need to heat up the oven (the more content it will take). That’s a user journey online – it means creating several touchpoints between you and your prospects.

Why Emails, you ask? 📧

Here’s why

  • Direct Line to Your Audience: Whether you attract traffic through paid ads or organically, establishing a direct line is crucial for reaching your clients multiple times.
  • More Engagement: On platforms like Instagram, about 10% of followers see your post on average (never mind engaging with them!) With email, especially with a niche-based approach, the open rate is around 30-40% (Mine is 66%). No need to fight for attention! And emails don’t get lost in one scroll; they stay in the inbox. Also, unlike social media, there’s no constant algorithm change.
  • Full Control: You have complete control over the entire user journey. Plan every step for months ahead. Ensure all subscribers receive the same content automatically in a predefined email series, e.g., an email every 7 days.
  • Content Repurposing: Your old content doesn’t go to waste. Subscribers who signed up today get content you created months ago.
  • Education: By guiding prospects step by step, not randomly, you foster their appreciation for what you teach. This transforms them into not just clients but also enthusiastic fans.

You need that time to tackle Hypnotherapy pricing hurdles like…

🤯 High Expectations ​

Do you know how Cinderella had that perfect-fitting slipper?

Well, online users are on a quest for their own Cinderella moment. They’re not into random shoes!

People look for specific things. Look at, for instance, this search query: “deep sleep hypnosis for 20 minutes.” They know what they want, and even the time they wish to spend. Or “complex PTSD therapist in the UK,” pinpointing the issue and location.

If you want to stand out, you need to move away from “I do it all – Ville” and relocate to “Made-for-you-town.”

And since users can jump from one provider to the other with a click, you need to find a way to stay in touch with them – thus Emails!

🤯 No Set Value

Our pricing perceptions are influenced by past experiences and industry norms. You know what a loaf of bread is worth. You might easily spend 500 bucks on a dental emergency without hesitation, but you’d hesitate to pay 60 bucks for a sound bath.

There’s no common price tag on hypnotherapy in people’s minds either! It’s a bridge you’ve still got to build for your audience!

🤯 Missing Client Stories

Testimonials are priceless if you ditch the generic praise. Encourage clients to spill the tea on their struggles, and how you transformed their lives. Most people are unfamiliar with the true nature and benefits of hypnotherapy until they experience it firsthand.

Testimonials play a vital role in communicating what to expect, and the more details and specifics they contain, the better. People connect with stories, not just 5-star ratings.

However, clients often struggle to write reviews. Why? They don’t know where to start; it’s the dreaded blank-page syndrome! To make it easier for them and boost your review count, ask specific questions. For example:

1. What fears or doubts did you have before starting hypnotherapy?
2. What was your main struggle that prompted you to reach out?
3. What did you like most about our hypnotherapy sessions?
4. List three key benefits you gained and how they changed you.
5. Would you recommend “…,” and if yes, why?


Another Pricing Pitfall to avoid…

🤯 Misalignment Between Pricing and Branding

It’s time to take a good look at yourself. Does your mindset and online presence genuinely reflect your values and the type of clients you aim to serve?

If you’re looking for shortcuts and cutting corners, you’ll likely attract clients who align with that approach or none at all. However, when you invest in yourself and your business with generosity and enthusiasm – you will attract who you are!

Instead of chasing the high-ticket illusion, concentrate on building authentic connections, and the pricing will naturally align with the trust you’ve fostered. For that very purpose, I’ve created an E-book to help you create authentic content.

🔮 A Glimpse into the Future 

Tap into the varied stages your potential clients may be in. It’s similar to what the big players are doing globally, just on a smaller scale 😉 Let them engage with you or acquire something from you, even in situations where they might not usually be able to. You can achieve this by introducing tiered pricing, such as:

  • Low Entry Points: Recordings, Downloads, Consultations.
  • Intermediary Entry Points: Provide group hypnotherapy sessions with a specific goal.
  • High Entry Points: Conduct 1-on-1 sessions online or small packages.
  • Premium Packages

Selling group sessions or premium packages requires a significant time investment. Let’s consider a scenario to sell group hypnotherapy via email:

Group sessions can be lucrative, but they require a minimum number of people to sign up at the same time. Let’s break down an example using a niche-based email list for Hypnotherapy. Assuming an open rate of 33% and a standard conversion rate of 2%, you’d need at least 600 people to receive your email. Out of those, 200 people will open it, and 4 will sign up for your group session. And that can’t be the first email they receive. Your audience needs to be prepped for this with, let’s say, 3-5 previous emails with authentic content that is relevant to them (not short salesy emails). At the end of the day, it’s also a numbers game.

🎁 Bonus Tip for Tricky Calls

Ever had a call that seemed perfect, but you couldn’t seal the deal afterward?

It can be confusing, and you might wonder if it’s about the price. Here are common reasons a call might not go as planned:

  • The person may not have been ready to buy. They might have scheduled a call after some research but not thought it through.
  • They could have received enough help during the call, like too much free advice that kept them where they’re at, removing the urgency for change.
  • Priorities may have shifted – something else might have come up, even if they intended to follow through.
  • They might have felt overwhelmed by committing to a longer period, especially if they’re used to putting others first.
  • If you were too pushy or shared too much information too soon, it could have made them uncomfortable.
  • The conversation might have focused more on explaining hypnotherapy as a method than addressing their actual issue.

Surprisingly, the cost is often NOT the issue (unless your prices are exceptionally high).

This happens whether you offer free consultations or charge for them.

A good way to pre-qualify prospects is NOT by asking them a bunch of questions to make things more difficult. Instead, it’s about educating them first and ensuring they’re genuinely interested in what you have to say. You can still use a form, but using it right at the beginning, won’t separate the wheat from the chaff.

Here’s what you can do (especially if you’re just starting out!) Be a good listener, avoid overwhelming them with technical details, and have a Plan B if they seem hesitant or don’t respond afterward. This Plan B could be a lower-risk option, such as offering a recording they can buy or a “try it out” mini-session. This helps prevent losing them due to uncertainty. You don’t have to create a whole online course as Plan B; just offer a little sneak peek. Later on, they might become loyal clients. So why miss out?

Okay, that’s it for today!

Wondering about the next step?

Simply answer this question:

Will you build an Email list in 2024?

Yes or No?

Let’s find out!

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  • What budget and software do you need?
  • What skills do you need to learn?

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