You don't get Hypnotherapy clients on Instagram (yet)? These are 3-significant Why's to learn from.

Hypnotherapy clients on Instagram - how to get them and why you are mainly reaching your Hypnotherapy fellows

Why you’re reaching fellow Hypnotherapists but no potential clients. AND how to change that immediately.

Are you frustrated with spending so much time on Instagram and getting no results? Believe me, you are not alone. I’ve gotten so many DMs recently asking about how to get Hypnotherapy clients on Instagram. That’s why I’ve decided to write this guide for you.

Are you ready to get started? 

Let’s look at your interactions to figure out why Instagram isn’t working out for you. Who comments on your Instagram posts? Is it friends, family OR other Hypnotherapists? Did you ever wonder why you can’t get new clients on Instagram? The reason is simple: Your potential clients don’t get to see your content in the first place. This is because you are NOT using Hashtags OR most likely using the WRONG Hashtags. What happens if most of your hashtags are Hypnotherapy related? You’ll show up in a pool filled with competition.

We’re talking about Hashtags like

#Hypnotherapist #Hypnosis #Hypnotherapyheals #Hypnotherapyhelps #Hypnotherapyworks #Rttworks #Hypnosisworks #Hypnosisprofessional #Hypnowareness #SolutionFocusedHypnotherapist #ClinicalHypnosis

Don’t get me wrong, you should still use 2 or 3 of those with your location. Just in case someone close by is searching. To attract your ideal client, though, you need to use the same hashtags he is using. This reminds me of the “law of attraction” where like attracts like. In our case, hashtag attracts hashtag. But who is your ideal client on Instagram?

The first step to finding out is to niche down. 
Anxiety Relief is for instance no niche at all. A client with anxiety issues could be literally anyone. You can’t talk to anyone, can you? It’s much easier if you have a person in mind. Imagine your ideal client is an overwhelmed working mom posting about her life. She’d be using hashtags like these

#momtrepreneur #workingmom #workingmoma #workingmommy #workingmomproblems #workingmomslife #workingmomstruggles

Your best chance to connect with her is to use the same. Makes sense, right?

Why inspirational quotes alone don’t work and how to find your voice. AND add incredible value to your account.

Let’s say your ideal client is a mom. Not any mom though, she’s a new mom. There are plenty of challenges you could help her to overcome. So, if you are not sure what to post, well, that’s precisely it. Considerable niche examples could be:

  • Birth trauma
  • Postnatal PTSD
  • Bonding
  • Lacking support

And then there is new working moms, who struggle to find a healthy family-career balance. They feel like there is never enough time to get things done. And once they have time, they feel guilty of not spending it with their toddler. If you add little sleep to this formula, well, you know best what happens next. Which challenges does she face?

Knowing your ideal client’s struggles is not about exploiting their weaknesses. It’s about reaching them to help. If you want to find your voice on Instagram, you need to find the matching ear first. You do that by reflecting on your clients’ reality, challenges and thoughts. That’s how you actually become a client magnet on Instagram.

Imagine one of your girlfriends is in a difficult situation. She is ready to pour out her heart. You won’t start the conversion with an inspirational quote, or will you? You’ve got to dig a bit deeper. Make her feel understood. Mirror her pain points. Talk about relatable real life situations. Offer a glimpse into the future. How could her life change for the better after Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy with you?

PS: That does not mean you can’t use inspirational quotes, but you shouldn’t just post random ones you like. Use quotes only to support your purpose.

Why your Hypnosis Instagram Feed looks messy

Why your Instagram feed looks messy and 3 simple steps to give it a more consistent and aesthetic look.

Whom do you follow? Do they have beautiful and consistent feeds or cluttered ones? How do you tidy your feed? Here are 3 helpful ways to get you started:

1. Look at the big picture.
How will the new post fit in your feed? It’s best practice to check your posts in advance. There are plenty of apps that can help you do that. To mention a few: Planoly, Unum, Preview. You can save time and plan your feed on desktop.

2. Balance it out.
Every one talks about using filters. Are filters the answer to a beautiful feed? They are a nice add-on to give your photos a more consistent look, yes. But they won’t help you without having a system in place first. Creating an aesthetic Instagram feed is all about finding the right balance. Feeds with quotes only seem a bit boring. Overloading a feed with all sorts of media tends to look a bit messy. Finding the right balance is the key. Imagine, your feed would be your website. Arrange it in a way, you’d love to present yourself.

3. Use a simple system to transform your feed.
Do you have a branding in place? A visual language that represents you or your brand? No? That’s okay. Sure, it would be best to have it, but that’s an expensive investment if you’re starting out. A branding is designed to attract your ideal client. As a brand designer, I offer this service only to a few individuals, and only when the time is right. I recommend to start with this Instagram first aid kit. That’s what you can do today:

  • Pick one main color and use it in all your posts. It could be for instance used as a background, on fonts or for symbols. Keep your ideal client and his taste in mind when choosing.
  • Pick a font that matches your style and appeals to your niche. If you work with headlines and subheadings, you can use the two to differentiate. But make sure you always stick to them and don’t add others to the mix.
  • Use a simple 1-2-3 rule for your Instagram rows. What does that look like? An example could be:
    1. post: share reel
    2. post: share graphic / text
    3. post: share photo

Each 1-2-3 post gets a certain placeholder in the feed. This is only one way of doing it. You can choose to shuffle them differently. This is a simple but effective method to help you plan a balanced feed in advance.

Put in place what you’ve learned today, and you’ll start to get Hypnotherapy clients on Instagram. 
Happy Fun!

PS: Give it a go first. If you need help, you can schedule an audit. Make sure to pick “Improve my Instagram” in the “What are you interested in?” section. I will reply within 3 working days.

1-2-3-Rule for Instagram

What are you doing first?